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  • CS Combustion Solutions GmbH
    Wien, Austria
    CS Combustion Solutions is your partner for combustion systems for refinery, chemistry, petrochemistry, pharma-industry, power generation and waste to energy plants. CS designs and delivers own burner systems and incinerators for liquid and gaseous media. All possible liquids or gaseous media may be handled, as well as standard fuels. Typical fuels are liquid Sulphur, Acid Gas, Spent Acid, process Offgases, waste water, high-viscosity sludges etc.
  • CTP-Dumag GmbH
    Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
    CTP-DUMAG has specialised in the construction of firing systems for liquid, gaseous and dusty standard and special combustibles. DUMAG® atomization technology is the optimal solution for all industry processes. CTP-DUMAG supplies original DUMAG® nozzles with finest atomization especially of liquid combustibles. We provide DUMAG® industrial burners, DUMAG® LowNOx burners, DUMAG® O2 burners for sulphur, fuel oil, waste liquids, gas, acid gas, spent acid, process off gases, high-viscosity sludge and many more.
  • Greens Combustion Limited
    Poole, United Kingdom
  • Spraying Systems Co.
    Wheaton, United States of America

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