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  • Clariant, CATALYSTS
    Munich, Germany
    Clariant’s Catalysts business unit is a leading global developer and producer of catalysts for industrial processes. It has been part of the Catalysis business area of the Clariant Group since the acquisition of Süd-Chemie in 2011. Clariant Catalysts is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has a total of 16 production sites and 11 R&D and technical centers around the world. Approximately 1550 employees serve customers across all regional markets. Aimed at delivering sustainable value to customers, Clariant’s catalysts and adsorbents are designed to increase production throughput, lower energy consumption, and reduce hazardous emissions from industrial processes. The broad portfolio also includes products that enable the use of alternative feedstock for chemical and fuel production.
  • Johnson Matthey plc
    Royston, United Kingdom
    Johnson Matthey provides expertise and innovative technologies to maximise your nitric acid plant efficiency. Since pioneering the first gauze catalyst over 100 years ago we have continued to develop solutions for the significant changes in the industry. Using our extensive experience, we offer tailored products and services including: N2O abatement, catalyst analysis, abatement basket engineering, precious metal recovery and refining, process modelling, water treatment, absorption column scanning, precious metal management and secure transportation.
  • CRI Catalyst Company
    Houston, United States of America
    CRI Catalyst Company is the global catalyst technology company of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Our research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants and business units are dedicated to supplying the most efficient and cost-effective catalysts to customers around the world. CRI provides reliable and cost-effective catalyst solutions and systems for environmental emissions control, including flue gas treatment catalysts, for: NOx Removal via Selective Catalytic Reduction; Catalytic Dioxin Destruction; N2O Decomposition; Oxidation of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide.
  • Environmental Catalytic Systems (ECS)
    Seminole, United States of America
  • Metchem B.V.
    Goor, Netherlands

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