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  • Enersul Limited Partnership
    Calgary, Canada
    Enersul Limited Partnership has established a reputation as a leader in the sulphur processing industry, with the expertise and management available to undertake operating contracts and to handle all phases of sulphur processing. Enersul is committed to providing its customers with safe, efficient and reliable service. Enersul offers a full range of equipment and integrated services and is an integral part of the sulphur industry Worldwide.
  • Sandvik Process Systems
    Fellbach, Germany
    Sandvik is a world-leading supplier of sulphur processing technology. The company’s ranges include the Rotoform® for low-to-medium capacity granulation operations, and the RS-1500™ for high capacity sulphur granulation. Systems are also available for sulphur degassing, block pouring and remelting, as well as storage, handling and loading. Upstream liquid/solid mixing systems can be used with the Rotoform for the continuous production of fertilizers such as sulphur bentonite + micronutrients, urea + sulphur, and more.
  • ZAFARAN Industrial Group Co.
    Tehran, Iran
    Zafaran is specialist in sulphur forming, granulation, Pastillation and also fertilizer units. Zafaran has a broad experience to supply complete sulphur forming packages for oil and gas refineries. Some EP and turnkey projects has been already done. Installed equipment for different sulphur forming units within last 4 years are capable to produce about 10,000 tonnes per day solid sulphur based on SUDIC standard with safe, reliable and efficient services.
  • Berndorf Belt Technology USA
    Gilberts, United States of America
  • Sulvaris Inc
    Calgary, Canada

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