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    Plano, United States of America
    AMLON GROUP is a global environmental services company with four US processing facilities. ALPHA OMEGA RECYCLING is a fully permitted RCRA licensed and HSM approved full-service processing facility, located in Longview, Texas, and AMLON PORT ALLEN is a Verified Recycling Facility located in Port Allen, LA, with the additional capability to process OBSHM material from Oil and Gas tank bottoms. We use both centrifuge and TDU technology to process this material. Our main focus at both plants, is spent catalyst recycling, processing and treatment of metal bearing industrial waste streams. We develop, implement, and manage full-service reclamation, recycling, processing and treatment programs for Spent Catalyst, Metallic Wastes, Scrap Metals and other by products including hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes. AMLON BAYTOWN MEDICAL WASTE utilizes a process called Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a waste treatment method that involves decomposing materials in low oxygen conditions using external, indirect heat source. These services help healthcare facilities, lab, pharmacies, and police departments maintain compliance with regulations, prevent environmental contamination, and promote the safety and well-being of staff, patients, and local population. ECOWERKS, AMLON GOLDEN TRIANGLE performs nonhazardous treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) for nonhazardous materials. The company possesses a variety of permits, including an industrial nonhazardous solid waste permit and publicly owned treatment works (POTW) pretreatment permit. Our service works to reduce the concentrations of contaminants in chemical, refinery, and other tankage wastewater to acceptable limits before discharging it into the environment. Wastewater can contain high concentrations of phenol and phenolic derivatives, high chemical oxygen demand (COD), and other contaminants, such as oils, greases, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. We are committed to helping companies recover materials and resources while doing our part to keep dangerous waste matter out of our waterways and landfills. AMLON GROUP also provides logistics services: with expertise in domestic and international transportation, physical handling, documentation, and environmental regulations. Our economical and environmentally beneficial solutions, protect finite resources by remediating waste streams and recycling valuable commodities. AMLON GROUP... Converting Waste to Value.
  • Axens
    Rueil Malmaison, France
    Axens group provides solutions - advanced technologies, top performance catalysts and adsorbents as well as services - for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates, the chemical recycling of plastics, all natural gas treatment and conversion options along with water treatment and carbon capture. Axens provides all the treatment, purification and drying technologies needed for the production of purified natural gas in onshore and offshore conditions, including the tightest ones required for Liquefied Natural Gas industries. Axens dedicated Sulfur Recovery portfolio provides reliable and flexible solutions to meet the most stringent environmental standards, at minimized capital and operating costs.
  • Sabin Metal Corporation
    Scottsville, United States of America
    Sabin Metal Corporation specializes in recovering and refining precious metals from the hydrocarbon, petroleum/petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, nitric acid, electronics, and mining industries that use precious metals in their products or processes. Established in 1945, Sabin is the largest domestically owned, independent precious metals refiner in North America, with processing plants and customer service facilities throughout the world. As a reliable partner, we employ advanced analytical equipment, systems, and processing methods that work in unison to help provide the highest possible return values for recovered precious metals. We work hard to maintain the industry’s most stringent environmental management policies to assure full compliance with appropriate environmental codes and standards. With our catalyst and getter gauze systems, we have closed the loop, which ranges from the recovery of precious metals from spent catalyst, plant equipment and components, through precious metal refining, to the reuse of the recovered metals for the manufacturing of new catalyst and getter gauze systems for the nitric acid industry. We have completed our portfolio with a wide range of services to support our customers in achieving cost-efficient and sustainable operations.
  • Clariant, CATALYSTS
    Munich, Germany
  • Metchem B.V.
    Hof Van Twente, Netherlands

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