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  • Innovar AG
    Bradenton, United States of America
    The mission of INNOVAR AG is to provide innovative and quality products to the nutrient efficiency market, with an environmental, agronomic and economic focus. We believe there is significant demand for improving the efficiencies of agricultural fertilizer products due to increased environmental pressures, food production demand, and continued desire to earn a maximum return on investment. Our products can reduce losses to the environment, increase yields of crops, and provide an economic benefit. We believe growers, dealers and distributors are looking for these opportunities and INNOVAR AG is excited to provide them.
  • Agromate Holdings Sdn Bhd
    Selangor, Malaysia
  • Agrow Australia Pty Ltd
    Randwick, Australia
  • BR Global LLC
    Rocky Mount, United States of America
  • FMC Agro Ltd
    Deeside, United Kingdom
  • Inkabor S.A.C
    Arequipa, Peru
  • OMEX Agrifluids LTD
    King's Lynn, United Kingdom

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